When faced against his former club for the first time, it tooks Robin van Persie just 155 seconds to put Manchester United 1-0 up. Out of respect, he opted not to celebrate, and it is likely he will pay them the same respect on Sunday, when he returns to the Emirates for the first time since signing for the champions.

Sir Alex Ferguson knows that Van Persie won’t get a warm reception but he doesn’t think the player will be bothered.

“I don’t really bother about it and I don’t think Robin should bother about it either,” said Ferguson. “There was a bit of booing when he played against Arsenal at Old Trafford and you probably expect a portion of the fans to do that. That’s the modern generation and modern society, I’m afraid. But I’m glad Arsene has done that (guard of honour) because that’s what great clubs should do.”

With discussion on Twitter amongst Arsenal fans of doing the “Poznan” whilst their players give us the guard of honour, Ferguson said it time for their supporters to get over Van Persie leaving them.

“I know about the Tottenham derby but United have been Arsenal’s biggest rivals over the last 20 years,” he continued. “It doesn’t sit well with their fans, and nor with Arsene for that matter, but it does happen and you just have to move on. Arsenal have moved on now. They’re challenging for a Champions League place and have every chance of doing so, and they still play as attractive foot as anyone in the league.”