Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney lead our team out as captain in our last European qualifying game against Roma. As will be sung tomorrow, it is a case of “once a blue always a red” for Wayne Rooney, who seems destined to see out his career with us.

Despite the criticism Rooney faces for his hot head and petulance, he has picked up just two red cards in his entire career. The first in the Champions League when he received a second yellow for sarcastically applauding a poor refereeing decision, and the second in the last World Cup against Portugal. So, less than van Persie, Peter “nice guy” Crouch, less than Mikel (whose only played in 68 matches!) and less than Torres, to name a few. Yet Rooney is still painted as a thug and the referees are all too happy to put him in the book.

Sir Alex Ferguson has always seemed to have a soft spot for the lad and will always fight his corner. Today he has said that Wayne Rooney’s enthusiasm for the game gives hope for the future of football. “Wayne has a wonderful heart for the game,” said Ferguson. “Every time the crowd roared at Liverpool last week, he got a free-kick given against him. It was ridiculous really but he still has this fantastic enthusiasm to play, no matter what the circumstances. It is unusual to see that in such a young player. In a way, it refreshes you and gives you hope the game is going the right way.”

Despite the bad press Rooney gets, do players like him show a bright future for football?