After Gary Neville’s retirement, Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that Manchester United will be working out a way to keep Neville on United’s books after his contract expires this summer.

“Gary will remain with the team,” said Ferguson. “He will train whenever he wants. The next step forward for our club is to retain Gary in a capacity in which he will be satisfied. That’s because I feel his contribution and what he can contribute in future years is about what we are. We are a family club and he has been part of that. He has created that family atmosphere in the dressing room time and time again over the years.”

Ferguson has also hinted that Neville is likely to be working with our Reserve and youth teams.

“I do think he has a role to play as a coach, I really do, particularly with the young players,” he continued. “Gary has been a great example to the young players in the professional side of it. But on the other side, the academy, we should have that presence and coaching ability Gary has. He is taking his badges. He is ready to go into coaching and we will just find a role for him.”