Sir Alex Ferguson is happy with our Champions League draw, with our toughest opponent being Valencia, who have since sold their best two players from last season, David Villa and David Silva.

“You can’t complain about that, it’s a good draw for us,” said Ferguson. “You always look at the travelling side of it and the only one that’s of any great distance is the trip to Turkey. Walter Smith’s already been on the phone, talking about tickets for Old Trafford. Like me, he’s really looking forward to our games against each other.”

Smith has also given his reaction to the game, claiming the opening game at Old Trafford is as tough as it gets.

“It’s a great game to kick off the campaign with and there’s no question we couldn’t have got a tougher one,” said Smith. “Any footballer worth his salt would want to go and play at Old Trafford, so it’s a game that we will look forward to. They have a supreme pedigree and it’s not often they don’t make it to the late stages. They achieve a great level of consistency in European competition, but we know all about them and it will be a challenge we will look forward to.”

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