Ledley King made a late challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo inside the box with just ten minutes remaining. Whilst a penalty should have been given, Ronaldo found himself on the receiving end of the punishment, with referee Chris Foy halting play and booking our winger. King then shamelessly applauded the referee’s decision.

Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken about his frustration with the decision, although we need not fear a Ronaldo ban coming any time soon.

“It’s disappointing, not so much because he didn’t give the penalty kick but because he booked Cristiano,” said Ferguson. “You can’t appeal against a yellow card so that has been added to Cristiano’s record now. That’s twice it’s happened this season for so-called simulation. It’s too easy an option for these referees. Chris Foy should be challenged on why he gave the yellow card.”

It turns out though that despite being on four yellow cards so far this season, Ronaldo will escape a ban thanks to the FA ruling which states the slate is wiped clean half way through the season.