Sir Alex Ferguson has today reflected on the four goals we gave away against Everton last weekend which meant we lost our five point lead at the top of the table.

“We’re smarting from the four goals we gave away last week,” he told the official site. “We tend to make it hard for ourselves. We subject our supporters to that sort of drama. For years and years, it’s been like that. Hopefully, we’ll make amends on Monday.”

City boss Roberto Mancini has repeatedly said that his team have no chance of winning the league after they blew their eight point lead to let us over take them. Fergie knows Mancini is just doing this to take the pressure off their players and insists it won’t have any impact on United.

“Roberto wants to take the pressure off his own players,” he said. “It won’t affect our approach or our attitude to the game. We know the situation we’re in. We’re in a better position than Manchester City. We could come out with two results, whereas they have to win. Although you know this club’s attitude – we’ll be trying to win. You would have to be a confirmed masochist to enjoy it. But we are looking forward to it and the players will be fully prepared for it.”