Whilst all the newspapers are claiming we will struggle this season thanks to the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo, something they haven’t touched on is this season we won’t be travelling half way around the world during the busy Christmas period.

Upon returning from the FIFA World Club Cup, we had plenty of games to catch up and had plenty more games than any other team, as well as dealing with the tiredness of travelling to Japan and back.

Ferguson claims it was an achievement to win the league last season under those circumstances and that he wants us to win it again this year to make it four league titles in a row.

“We would like to do it,” said Ferguson. “It would be a great achievement obviously, because we all know what a difficult league it is. Under the circumstances, it was a great achievement to win it last year. But we don’t have to go for the Club World Cup this time and we don’t have to play catch-up in terms of games.”