I’d bet Manchester City have never had so many column inches in their life. They’re the talk of the country at the moment, with reports realised every day about what the latest high profile figure in the game has to say about their takeover.

Sir Alex Ferguson is the latest to join in the fun, claiming that he isn’t fazed by the supposed threat City are supposed to bring.

“I can’t be worried,” Ferguson said. “We have a good setup ourselves and we’ve been working to build up the team we’ve got, so we just have to carry on. There are always challenges in football, some years ago it was Chelsea and some years ago it was Arsenal and wherever the challenge comes from we have to accept it. So it doesn’t change anything.”

When United fell apart in 2002 and Arsenal went on to claim the title, the press claimed Ferguson was wrong to change his mind on retirement. By 2005, the press claimed that we were “in decline”, like Liverpool of the 1980’s, under Ferguson management. Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho have both been hailed as better managers over the years, but as their titles dried up, Ferguson was still left standing.

What makes Ferguson special is that he has built so many successful teams with United. There was the 1994 Double winning side, the 1996 Double winning side, and 1999 Treble winning side, and now this, the 2008 Double winning side. To not be successful over one time period, but to stretch it out as Fergie has, is incredible.

Since Ferguson won his first trophy with United in 1990, we have never gone longer than one season empty handed, which is a remarkable achievement. To go 18 years but never go more than one year without winning something proves the quality he possesses.

Whether it’s Mark Hughes or some high-flying European manager that is in charge of City next season, Ferguson is right to remain fearless. Blackburn, Newcastle, Arsenal and Chelsea have all wanted a piece of our trophy, and now there’s talk it could be City fighting it out with Fergie. I know who my money is on!