Sir Alex Ferguson has been asked to reflect on the last time we played Chelsea in the European Cup, the final in Moscow.

Didier Drogba hilariously claimed that Chelsea were the “vice-champions of Europe”, whilst Petr Cech reckoned that United “didn’t really win” the game in Moscow.

John Terry was the only penalty taker to slip, but he wasn’t the first player to feel the effects of the rain. In the first half, after dominating the game, Edwin Van der Sar slipped when Frank Lampard was through on goal, which lead to Chelsea scoring. Had that not happened, there wouldn’t have been a penalty shoot-out for Chelsea to worry about.

Ferguson has claimed all that matters is winning the final, not how you win it.

“A European Cup final decided by penalty kicks is a sore one for the one who loses,” said Ferguson. “But there have been plenty of European finals decided on penalty kicks in the last 20 years. That was another one and we were so happy to win it. You don’t care how you win it in a way, because winning is the name of the game. It was a really good European final. Most people there thought it was one of the better European Cup finals. In the first 35 minutes we could have won by three or four goals, but when Chelsea scored right on half-time it gave them a lift. They were the better team in the second-half until the last 15 minutes, when we changed our system. From that moment we got our control back. To win it was a great achievement for our club because it was the third time we’d won it.”