In November 1959 Bill Shankly was approached by two men at the end of a Huddersfield game. One was Tom Williams, the Liverpool chairman, the other Harry Latham, a director. “How would you like to manage the best club in the country?” asked Williams. “Why?” Shankly replied, sharp as ever. “Is Matt Busby packing it in?” A few days later, Shankly was unveiled as Liverpool’s new manager.

Sir Alex Ferguson has today spoken about his offers from abroad which he has declined to remain as Manchester United manager. After all, we are the best club in the country, why would he want to go elsewhere?

“I’ve had offers from clubs to go abroad, but I’ve never been tempted by them,” Ferguson said. “I am not going on record to say who they are, but you’d be surprised by the names. It flies over your head and you get on with life. You don’t leave Manchester United.”