If there’s one thing that drives a scouser mad, it’s that Bob Paisley wasn’t knighted and our manager is.

Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken about his knighthood as well as the possibility of us calling Ryan Giggs a sir.

“The important thing is just to keep your feet on the ground,” said Ferguson. “I have a common sense attitude to life. My wife cringes every time someone calls me Sir Alex or calls her Lady Cathy. She says to me: ‘I don’t know why you accepted it in the first place.'”

Ferguson was questioned over what else Ryan Giggs had to do in order to receive a knighthood, having won more English league titles than any player in the history of the game, as well as two European Cups and four FA Cups.

“Good question,” said Giggs. “When you consider how the English rugby team, when they won three or four matches to win the World Cup, were given knighthoods and MBEs. Ryan Giggs has performed like a star for 20 years in the Premier League, going up and down that touchline. He’s won ten Premier League medals, I hope it’s 11 this year, and two European Cups and what has he got, an MBE? It doesn’t seem right. Longevity must surely surpass short-term success.”