On the game

“It’s a game everyone’s been waiting for. A fantastic challenge for us, two teams & two clubs who embrace the best parts of football. I’ve got everyone fit that I need to be fit but we’re all looking forward to it. This team doesn’t know when it’s behind. Obviously the acid test is tomorrow, and we have to get through that. It won’t be 0-0 tomorrow, I can assure you of that. History always plays a part in these kinds of matches. It’s unfortunate the teams are meeting as early as this. I’d have preferred it to be Wembley. We’re ready. Of course we are. When I started as a coach many years ago I dreamt I’d be playing against these teams as a manager.”

On the history

“Real have won the trophy 9 times, I think it’s beyond me and my career, but you never know…”

On Ronaldo being better now than at United

“Absolutely. Because of the maturity. He’s at peak of his career. To score goals he’s scored is phenomenal.”

On Van Persie

“He’s now approaching that (Messi’s) level. He’s been sensational, a good coach to my young players.”

On De Gea

“The boy has shown his character, because he’s taken a lot of [unfair] criticism. He’s like a young kid. He wobbles, he gets up. He wobbles, he gets up. Eventually he walks. The boy is walking now.”

On Kagawa

“We didn’t play him on Sunday because he had a long journey back from Japan. He will certainly be involved at some point tomorrow.”

On Marca calling Rooney a “hooligan”

“I’m not interest in what a Madrid paper says. Rooney can’t speak Spanish can he?! So he’s alright.”

On retirement

“I’m enjoying my work; while I’m enjoying it and my health is good, I’ll carry on. It’s against the law to force retirement, but I won’t work until I’m 90, I’ll tell you that.”