Going to Japan was definitely a good thing for United. After all the criticism and doubts beforehand, it seems as though it was the right thing to do, travelling all that way. Of course, the proof will be in the pudding and we have to beat Stoke the day after tomorrow to ensure we don’t receive a real slating.

Regardless, I am pleased we went, as is the manager!

“There is no question that winning in Japan has given the club and the players a great boost,” said Ferguson. “It was a great achievement. The most important thing is that the team played well, which was surprising really because a lot of the players found that their sleep patterns weren’t quite so good over there. That proved a bit difficult, but nonetheless, the lads showed good enthusiasm during the games and good concentration, which was the key thing. We have come through it well and put in some good performances. After the game against Quito, the players had a great time together. We were up early the next morning to get away, so not many slept too well, but they had their time together and that was good for them.”