Darren Ferguson has recently claimed that his dad could retire at the end of next season. Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed this could be the case… if we win the European Cup both years!

You would think two European Cup would be enough for most men, but our manager is looking for another couple of European titles before he leaves.

“If there was one challenge, I would love the club to win more European trophies … I don’t think we’ve won the number we should have won,” Ferguson said. “There have been years where we were unlucky. The years we were disappointed. The years when we’ve thrown games away, and that sort of gives you a kaleidoscope of what football is like in a way. So, therefore, if we could just win a couple more European trophies then I would definitely quit.”

Ferguson has stayed at the top of the game for decades, breaking the Old Firm domination of Scotland before going on to win ten English league titles in just sixteen years, as well as two European Cups and several other trophies. He reckons it’s hard for some people to maintain this high standard, but claims it’s the challenge of being the best that keeps him going.

“I think it can be difficult for some type of people… they get into a comfort zone,” he added. “They can relax too much and they can’t get it back. Whereas real stars don’t. You think of Tiger Woods… he comes back after that knee operation and… he wins that tournament last week. You tell me what drives him on… they’re special people. I enjoy the challenge of having to be number one or trying to be number one.”