Following the criticism Dimitar Berbatov received from United fans and ABUs alike after his penalty kick miss, Sir Alex Ferguson has attempted to defend his player today.

“I don’t see any evidence of Berbatov’s season tailing off. He has missed a few games and overall on Sunday, I thought he did really well,” said Ferguson. “He will get criticism because when you pay £30million for a player everyone thinks he should be able to score with a penalty kick. He was upset and disappointed, as we all were.”

Yes Fergie, I would fancy a £30 million striker to come close to scoring from the penalty spot! The fact that Berbatov’s penalty was so poor is what has sparked outrage amongst some United fans.

However, shit happens. Ronaldo missed penalties in Moscow and at the Nou Camp last season, both of which were more vital than Berbatov’s miss. Fortunately for him he’d had five years to bed in to our team and was having an absolutely fantastic season. Sadly for Berbatov, he’s only seven months in his United career and too many people haven’t warmed to him.

Fact is, we spent a shit load of money on him, so love him or hate him, he isn’t going anywhere. So you can spend the next few years miserable as hell over him, or you can get a grip. Lest you forget, he DREAMS of playing for Manchester United which is a lot more than what can be said for some of our players!