Following a bad tackle on Michael Carrick as well as hitting Cristiano Ronaldo around the face, it is incredible that Steven Taylor got away with just a yellow card. Despite the referee watching footage after the event and claiming that he would have awarded a second yellow, the FA said they were powerless to act as they can only handle issues of straight red cards. How purposefully hitting someone around the face isn’t deemed as a straight red card is beyond me! We all remember the three match ban Wayne Rooney received for pushing Ben Haim in the face, when it was viewed after the game. Ben Haim was charged for play-acting, which makes a mockery of Rooney’s ban for violent conduct. Regardless, what is the difference? Why is one player banned for three matches and another faces no punishment?

It’s all by the by for Ferguson though, who is glad Taylor wasn’t banned.

“The disciplinary situation does confuse you at times,” said Ferguson. “No-one is really clear about it. But in actual fact we did not want the boy suspended because now he can play against Chelsea and Arsenal.”

I can only assume Ferguson wants Chelsea and Arsenal to miss out on penalties they would otherwise receive if not for Taylor’s snipered impression, or wants their players to get slapped around the face or sythed down.

Still, our manager shows a more caring side, knowing the geordies will need all the players possible to avoid going down.

“In Newcastle’s position, with the injuries they have at the moment, it would have been devastating for them to lose that player,” he added. “I am not really upset about it at all.”