One has to question the motives of Harry Redknapp claiming he will play his weakest squad against Manchester United on Saturday. Surely he isn’t naive enough to think that Sir Alex Ferguson would play a weaker team on the word of the opposition manager, so why lower the morale of team? Any player turning out at Old Trafford tomorrow knows they are one of the ‘weakest’ players at the club.

With the League Cup final date sorted, Spurs scoring extra time goals against Burnley to earn their place at Wembley, United will take on the London club four times this season, when looking at the Premiership matches as well as this weekend’s FA Cup game. It’s a baptism for Dimitar Berbatov, who will feel the wrath of the bitter Spurs fans every time he plays against them.

Regardless, Sir Alex Ferguson has been digging around in the rule books and has exposed a little known rule the FA would probably like kept quiet… which is probably why Fergie has let the cat out of the bag!

The barely-known rule states clubs that draw their first game after 90 minutes can play extra time straight away and not wait for a replay. This of course won’t be well received by the TV channels who own the rights to the games, including the replays!

“It is in the articles of the Association that both teams can apply to have the game decided first time,” said Ferguson. “The criticism would be we are not adhering to the principles and spirit of the FA Cup. But why have the FA got it in there? It is their problem. We will investigate it.”

Would you prefer a replay if we draw or get it over and done with in extra time or pens?