Let me set the scene:

After the Aston Villa game, Sir Alex Ferguson was asked who posed the biggest threat to us retaining the title.

Ferguson claimed the winner of the Chelsea vs Liverpool Champions League game would be, given their increased confidence and the demoralising effect it would have on the loser.

Before the first Chelsea vs Liverpool game, Benitez claimed that Ferguson talked about other teams too much and this was probably because he was scared of Liverpool, ignoring the FACT Ferguson was simply giving an answer to a question asked.

Liverpool get pissed all over at Anfield, their “famous 12th man” abandoning them, their European dream is almost over for another year, and Gerrard strained his groin when crawling out of Michael Essien’s pocket at the final whistle.

Sir Alex Ferguson has again responded to questions posed to him about Benitez’s odd reactions.

“If you ask me a question about other teams I’ll give you an opinion,” Ferguson said. “There’s no fault in that. Arsène Wenger was talking about Manchester United a couple of weeks ago saying we were untouchable, which I tried to dampen down as much as I could because I know the dangers of that. He was asked a question and gave a fair answer. The interesting thing as far as Rafa Benítez is concerned is that he’s got a European tie and he’s talking about Alex Ferguson. Fantastic. I didn’t know I was that important.”

When asked if he believed he had got under Benitez’s skin, Ferguson paused, held back a laugh, then responded, “I have no more comment to make.”

Now every single one of us, loves Alex Ferguson!