My feelings on the the FA’s ridiculous decision to ban Patrice Evra for four games have already been well voiced. Unsurprisingly, the manager is just as shocked as us, claiming of all the poor decisions we have received, this is the worst of the lot.

“It was a shock,” said Ferguson. “Of all the things the FA have done to us down the years that was one of their biggest. I could not believe it. You could never tell what these people are doing. Even if I was sitting having breakfast with them I would not know what they were thinking. But we are still waiting for the written reasons to be delivered to David Gill so we cannot really comment on what our next step will be.”

What is Ferguson talking about?

FA screwing us over in our withdrawal from the FA Cup in 2000, violent nut-case Barton’s punishment in relation to Rio Ferdinand’s, Chelsea’s poor behaviour going unnoticed whilst the FA make an example out of United’s players, banning Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes for three matches in the Premiership for red cards in the pre-season, Mutu vs Rio, Gallas vs Rio.