It’s always a tough situation when you’re watching a game between two teams you want to see lose. That was the case as Chelsea played Liverpool on Sunday, with there being strong arguments from United fans over which side we really wanted to go without points.

Chelsea pose the biggest threat to our title this season, therefore any opportunity that sees them denied three points is one we should welcome. However, the idea of scousers everywhere claiming this really was their year, as if they hadn’t said the same thing for the past decade or more, after ending Chelsea’s massive home unbeaten run was frustrating. How can you ever want Liverpool to win? It had to be done on Sunday though for the sake of our title, and there’s still the reassurance that without a massive deflection, it would have been the usual bore 0-0 draw.

Sir Alex Ferguson hates Liverpool with the same intensity as the rest of us, but when the question over Sunday was delivered, Fergie was sure in his answer. “That was the result I wanted,” he said. However hard it is to admit, Liverpool getting the win and watching their players celebrate like they’d won the title (bless em, they don’t know how it feels to really win the league) was necessary.

In the next couple of weeks, United will have played all the other top three teams away from home and our points total might look unfairly deceiving at this point. By December, the only team from last year’s top 10 we won’t have played away from home is West Ham. We could be looking a little worse for wear by this point in the season, but it will only be superficial. From January onwards, Chelsea, Everton, Blackburn, Portsmouth, Blackburn, Liverpool, Villa, City and Arsenal all have to come to Old Trafford, a ground where we won 17 out of 19 games last season.

In the grand scheme of things, ridiculously long unbeaten record or not, Chelsea have the strongest side other than ours. Liverpool’s position in the league is thanks to playing against 10 men in 4 of their 9 matches so far this season. Their position is thanks to dodgy deflections or miss-hit shots that find the back of the net. Their position is thanks to playing over half their games so far at home. Their position is thanks to playing opposition that finished in the bottom half of the table last season.

Whatever the score with Chelsea at the moment, in terms of injuries and results, they quite simply are a better team than Liverpool and will finish the season with more points than them. That is why Ferguson is right when he says it was a good result for us at the weekend, although I certainly will not be making a habit out of hoping for a Liverpool win!

Do you think Liverpool beating Chelsea was the best result for us?