Sir Alex Ferguson has been fighting with the Premier League about their choice of fixtures all season. During the opening months of the season he was not impressed that we had to play all the best sides away from home during the first half of the season. Fortunately, we kept ourselves in contention for the title, but we easily could have gone to Japan a long way behind our rivals. This would have put us at a massive disadvantage with a huge psychological up hill battle to climb.

Today, Fergie has started on the Premier League for giving us one days less preparation for the final, with Barcelona playing their last game of the season on Saturday, whilst we will play on Sunday.

“Barcelona play on the Saturday night and we’ve got a programme on the Sunday,” said Ferguson. “An English team has been in the final for the last five years, so it’s not as if the Premier League are short of knowledge. They could easily put the whole programme to a Saturday and that may have helped the situation. I still wouldn’t have played my strongest team, of course, but there may have been one or two who would have played.”