Arsenal face Liverpool at Anfield tomorrow night, following their FA Cup defeat at the hands of Chelsea on Saturday.

This is as good an opportunity as any for Liverpool to drop points, which would give United some welcome breathing room at the top. Whilst Steven Gerrard won’t play, sadly neither will Robin van Persie or Emmanuel Adebayor.

Saturday’s semi-final painted Lukasz Fabianski in a dreadful light, with his rash decisions costing his team a place in the FA Cup final. How he will fare against Fernando Torres is anyone’s guess! On the bright side, Sagna and Eduardo will be back.

With Arsenal not facing much pressure from Aston Villa for fourth spot and a Champions League semi-final to focus on, there may be temptation for Wenger not to give it his all tomorrow night. Sir Alex Ferguson has put pressure on him to pick a team that will show up though, insisting the Frenchman is ‘a winner’. I certainly hope that will be the case at Anfield!

“I don’t know what Arsene will be thinking about tomorrow but no matter what, Arsenal always try,” said Ferguson. “That is the mantra of Arsene himself. He is a winner. Providing they try, it is all I can ask for. I am not concerned about Tuesday’s game. I will concern myself with my own team. That is enough for me to think about.”