The joyous nights in Barcelona and Moscow will be fresh in United fans’ minds for their whole life. The intensity of feeling which came from the fear of losing combined with the ecstacy of winning will be with us forever.

In Barcelona we were just minutes away from losing, going in to injury time still a goal down, whilst in Moscow an on target penalty from John Terry would have been enough to seal defeat. Yet on both occasions, United managed to pull through, meaning we’d won two European Cups in nine years.

Sir Alex Ferguson reflects on the similarities and differences between these two nights.

‘In Moscow I thought we were dead then John Terry missed his penalty and I thought ‘We have a break here’,” said Ferguson. “In Barcelona, there were three minutes left and I was thinking ‘What am I going to say to the players?’ Then we got two goals and we win,. I was stunned. the players were all over the pitch celebrating, I had to go and speak to the TV people so we were all split up and didn’t get together until a while after the game. I remember walking into the dressing room but it was so quiet, so I just went for a walk around the corridors, just taking it all in. Moscow was different. It was so wet I think everyone was glad to get into the dressing room. Both occasions were different, but fantastic.”