Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed that Cristiano Ronaldo was begging to leave Manchester United last summer but that there is the possibility of him one day returning.

“His best is yet to come because he is just 24,” Ferguson said. “I will be very proud when I see him at his best because we had a part to play in it. He came to the right club at the right part of his career. He could have gone to Real Madrid or Barcelona as a boy but he came to the right club and he appreciates that. And he may come back, you never know. I don’t see it happening if things go wrong at Real Madrid necessarily, but he loved Manchester United so it may happen. He loved the club. If you look at the six years he had with us, he never missed training and he was never injured. He always played. He was fantastic. It wasn’t easy to see him leave. I had a good chat with the boy about it but he had made up his mind. Last year he was begging me to let him go but this year it was a sensible discussion.”