Wayne Rooney has attracted plenty of attention this week following his red mist moments against Aablorg. It always appears to be in the most random of situations that Rooney decides to go mental. You could expect it against Liverpool or Everton, but Aalborg?

Regardless, the press have yet again painted him as a violent thug, probably the best this country has ever seen. It is all in preparation for the World Cup I suppose, when they will again hail him as England’s hero and sob themselves to sleep at night if he is injured.

Alarmingly, UEFA have confirmed they are investigating his ‘stamp’ against Aalborg and will be taking the newspaper reports in to consideration!

“We are aware of the incident and the disciplinary panel will study the footage and newspaper reports before deciding whether to take action,” said a UEFA spokesperson.

I cannot for the life of me understand why reviewing the video footage themselves isn’t enough to determine their decision. The fact they should rely on the newspaper reports to make up their mind is rather farcical!

The decision over whether he will be banned for future games in the Champions League will be announced on Monday.

When asked about the incident ahead of United’s match against Tottenham Hotspur tomorrow, Ferguson was quick to shoot the reporters down, criticising their reporting of the incident.

“I am not going to discuss Wayne Rooney,” Ferguson said. “You press guys have created most of it. You are not getting anything from this club at all on Wayne Rooney. That is it, finished.”