It was announced earlier this week that Manchester United were drawn to play second place Arsenal in the 5th Round of the FA Cup. As I wrote about, Manchester United are drawn against top flight opposition more often than not, with 77% of our FA Cup draws over the past ten years coming against Premiership sides.

Sir Alex Ferguson has spoken about the FA Cup today, responding to the comments about the tie being a fix. “I just can’t believe it!” he said. “Everyone thinks the draw is fixed so BBC can get the best game – I’m beginning to wonder! I think there were four ties that came out before ours without us, Arsenal or Chelsea and I was thinking ‘oh come on, surely it can’t happen? Nevertheless, I always say you can’t ask for any more than a home draw. The build-up will be enormous and I’m sure there will be interest from everyone all over the world. Sometimes these games can disappoint, but I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic Cup tie.”

I can’t help but notice that when the top teams aren’t drawn against each other until the final, like United and Chelsea last season, people talk of it being a fix. However, when they are drawn against each other earlier on, the same comments arise.

Do you think the FA fix the draws?