Bruno Fernandes made an excellent start to life at Manchester United, being named the Premier League player of the month before the season was suspended, which has seen him fulfil a childhood dream.

In an interview with Canal 11, Fernandes has talked about how United were the team he supported when he was young, inspired by compatriots Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani.

Manchester was the dream club for me. My brother was a big fan of Barcelona and I was a fan of Manchester. Once we went to spend Christmas in Switzerland, where my father worked. We went to a sports store, my brother bought a top from Barcelona and got one from Manchester. At the time, I was playing for the Boavista youth team. I dreamed of it, but dreaming of it and being here is completely different.

Signing for Manchester was the same feeling as when I signed for Sporting in Portugal: the dream of playing for a big club in Portugal, of being in the Premier League, of representing the best English club in recent years. Coming to a club that hasn’t won for a long time but is hungry to win is what a player needs.

Having names like Cristiano and Nani, who have won big trophies here, makes me want to try to have those achievements too. Nani, with whom I have had the opportunity to work at Sporting, has always spoken to me very well about Manchester. And the fact that Cristiano made good references to people who asked me questions before I signed, makes me proud of what I did.

Ronaldo reportedly put in a good word about Fernandes following the great work he had done at Sporting Lisbon. The midfielder has reflected on what it was like when the legendary former United player first spoke to him.

When you go to the national team and you come across the best player in the world, it leaves a mark. The first time I arrived, I had the opportunity to speak to him. He even came up to me and said, “So, how are you doing at Sporting? You have scored a few goals.” It was Ronaldo who came next to me and said that I was fine. Just the fact that a player like him is aware that I’m doing well, you think “how is that possible?” Of course he was at Sporting, the club where he made it and so he has an affection for them. Cristiano gave me great references before United signed me, it makes me proud that a player like him recognizes my worth.