The most ludicrous rumour of the week was Paul Scholes being ‘tempted’ to leave Manchester United to take on a player-coach role at Stoke. Unsurprisingly, Stoke distanced themselves from it fairly quickly.

But if that wasn’t mental enough, the latest story suggests Gareth Southgate is keen to bring Gary Neville to the Riverside. Right.

The fact that Boro have just been relegated makes the story all the more insane, but to think that Neville, who is one season away from retirement, would leave Manchester United at all is fairly ridiculous.

If any further confirmation was needed that the story was a load of shit, here it is: Boro have a good relationship with United, and any discussions will be honest and amicable. Really? Ask Possebon and Ronaldo about that!

What next? Giggs to return to City?