Ahead of the derby, Darren Fletcher has stated the obvious in claiming that no matter what City go on to achieve, they will never rival United in terms of the size of the club.

“We don’t want to give City the confidence of winning trophies to get to our level,” Fletcher said. “Our job is to keep Manchester United on top and as long as we keep on winning the big titles, it means they’re not winning them. If City were to go on a run of winning a lot of trophies, then they would become a global club. But for world recognition, United stands out alone. The great thing about United is the history of the club. No-one can take away the Busby Babes, the Munich tragedy – all of these things are engrained in the club’s history. United are known all around the world for its history and success, which is what makes it so strong and such a special club. Teams like Chelsea have won trophies and built on that success, but that’s been maybe over a 10-year period. They still don’t have the global appeal and size of Manchester United and that’s how we want it to stay.”