Darren Fletcher is expected to miss the rest of the season after the club announced he suffered from ulcerative colitis, a rare inflammatory condition that affects the bowel.

After missing large chunks of the season and pre-season over recent years, the club had previously told the media it was a “virus”. After revealing what was really keeping him out, the club suggested he would miss the rest of the season, although in reality, it could be his whole career at stake.

However, Fletch has insisted he is doing everything he can to manage his condition so he can be back for the start of next season.

“I’m okay,” said Fletcher. “I’m taking all my medication and listening to the doctor. It’s a week-by-week situation so I’ve not got any timescale on recovery, but the target for me is next season now. If I can come back then that would be great for me. It’s something that will never leave me, but you have to find somehow a way to manage it so that I can still play my football. I’m trying everything under the sun at the moment, diet and hypnotherapy.”