Darren Fletcher has again paid homage to Roy Keane.

“When I lost the ball, he used to tear me to pieces,” said Fletcher. “He’d scream, ‘Control the effing ball, watch your effing passes’. I remember one day when I was looking at messages on my mobile with him alongside. He annihilated me. He humiliated me all the way to the gym. The rules we follow at United are the ones he laid down. Like meeting half an hour before set times, being on an exercise bike 15 minutes before training, not looking at your mobile in the dressing room. Roy Keane is the guy who made me. I have known professionals who applied themselves, but Roy was something else. The first time he screams at you, you panic and lower your head. Then you understand it is for your own good. Now it is our turn to ensure the youngsters respect the rules, that they do the jobs given them.”