Darren Fletcher has been with Manchester United since he was 11 and he’s 31 now. It was confirmed today that he is moving to West Brom in a bid to get more playing time, having missed out on several years of his career due to an aggressive bowel disease.

Fletcher claims he is leaving the club with a smile on his face though, thanks to all the great memories he’s had.

Manchester United are a fantastic club and I’ve got so many great memories there but I feel it’s time for a new challenge for me. I haven’t had as many games as I would like this season and, after everything I’ve been through, I’m a professional football player. I want to play football and hopefully I can do that at West Brom. They’ve given me the opportunity to do that. I’m leaving Manchester United but I’ve got so many happy memories and got to know so many great people there I’m leaving with a smile on my face.