Darren Fletcher has spoken out about his favourite medal, his toughest opponent and how it feels to score in a big game.

“I think my first Premier League title in 2006/07,” Fletcher said. “We hadn’t won it for a while – Arsenal had gone undefeated for a season and then Chelsea won it two years in a row so to win it back was great. I’d played in the majority of the games so it was a brilliant feeling.”

When asked to reflect on which midfielder gave him the toughest time, he answered in the same way many players who’ve faced United over the years have answered.

“I always give the same answer to this question – Paul Scholes in training,” he said. “I’ve improved over the years just from playing against him every day – his sharpness, passing, touch, everything about him is top quality and playing against him is not easy. I’m glad that I don’t play for another team who has to play United because I wouldn’t want to come up against Scholesy.”

Fletcher is regarded as a bit of a big game player for United and has scored against Arsenal and Chelsea in the past, so explains how it feels to get a goal in these games.

“It’s great to score anytime, but it’s a little bit more special to score in a big game because there is always such importance riding on them,” he added. “They can sometimes make or break title runs or a team’s season so to score in one of those games is special. It’s difficult to explain the feeling – it’s a combination of excitement and relief, and the emotions hit you all at once. That’s why you see some crazy celebrations!”