At Republik of Mancunia, we couldn’t let the opportunity to take the piss out of Arsenal pass us by, so we’ve had several new designs to the shop in honour of our brilliant 4-0 win over the gooners at the weekend.

Fletcher better than Fabregas


William Gallas


Missing Fletcher


Wenger humiliated

Before the match, William Gallas called United arrogant and believed we would have a hard time knocking them out of the Cup. “They are a strong team with lots of experienced players,” he said. “But, sometimes, they think they’re too good. Too arrogant, yes. It can make you complacent. We understand that problem. We know we have to score goals, be strong in defence and kill teams in the first half. Our squad can win things. And I know that it will be difficult for Manchester United to win.”

After the 4-0 thrashing United dished out, Wenger spent much of his post match interview talking about the state of United’s pitch and the disgraceful behaviour from Nani, who dared to juggle the ball at 4-0 up, claiming there was no need for Nani to humiliate his team. I’m not quite sure whether he was talking about the ball juggling or the several times Nani managed to rip apart Arsenal’s defence without breaking in to a sweat. Surely losing 4-0 is the greater humiliation, Arsene? As Oliver Kay from The Times correctly stated, “surely there can be no better time to exhibit your talents in such a manner than when 4-0 up against one of your fiercest rivals, but Nani’s ball-juggling antics earned him a full-blooded challenge from Mathieu Flamini, a deliberate kick from William Gallas and a warning from Gilberto Silva about flaunting football’s unwritten code of conduct.”

Some of you may be puzzled as to why I’ve brought Cesc Fabregas in to this, considering he wasn’t even on the park on Saturday. I do however have to refer you to the BBC match report which says that Super Cesc was actually on the field for all but the remaining 20 minutes, witnessing all but the final goal. Who’d have known?

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