“It’s a squad game,” Fletcher said ahead of the Champions League final against Chelsea in May. “Nobody likes not playing – and I definitely don’t – but I accept it. That’s down to a few different factors and the form of the team. There’s a lot of competition among the players. It’s a Champions League final and I’m training hard to show the manager I’m worthy of a start or to be involved in some way. You saw that in the final in 1999 – it was the subs who made an impact when they came on. There is such a great team spirit. Whoever is selected in the starting 11, the rest of the lads will get fully behind them. We all want to achieve success for Manchester United and no matter who scores the winning goal we will all be delighted.”

Fletcher sat on the bench throughout normal time, extra time and penalty, watching on as his team mates claimed the third European Cup title for Manchester United.

Earlier this month, I asked whether Darren Fletcher was important to United, following yet another interview from Sir Alex Ferguson praising our Scottish midfielder. I was quite surprised when 65% of the voters thought that Fletcher deserved equal rotation with our other midfielders. However, 21% felt Fletcher’s place at United was as a sub or against weaker opposition. Although only 3% wanted him sold.

Today, Fletcher has been linked with a move away from the club and I will not be surprised if he is interested.

The press today are suggesting that David Moyes is interested in signing Fletcher for as little as £4 million, which I imagine Fergie will laugh at. Kieran Richardson made United £5.5 million with his transfer fee last summer, so there is no way our manager will let his precious Scot go for the pitiful amount being mentioned.

According to reports, Fletcher brings home £25,000 a week, which is something Everton could at least afford to match.

After seeing the success of Phil Neville at Everton, transforming from a bit of a joke in this country to established club captain, I’m sure Fletcher would be tempted by the same move.

If Fletcher is to be sold, what should our asking price be?