Paddy Crerand has today revealed that it is unlikely that we will see Darren Fletcher play for Manchester United again. Speaking to Beyond The Pitch, Crerand expressed his disappointment for Fletch, but he doesn’t think the Scot has any chance of coming back.

“I love Darren Fletcher and I hate to say this, but I wouldn’t expect to see him playing again for Manchester United,” said Crerand. “It’s a dreadful thing to say and I hope I’m totally wrong, but I don’t think I’m going to be wrong. He’s not been heard of, he’s not played anywhere, he’s not done anything and I think it would be a miracle if he did come back. It’s a shame for the lad. If you’re doing something you love doing, it’s heartbreaking. [Especially] for somebody for whom fitness has been the main thing in their life, because to be a professional footballer you have to be immensely fit, more so than most sports. I think, outside of boxing it’s the fittest sport of the lot of them. So for not to be able to do that and keep yourself [in shape]. Even at my age, how stupid I am, I’m in the gym every day.”

In January Fletch was ruled out for the rest of the season to have planned surgery to try to resolve his Ulcerative Colitis condition.