Former Liverpool boss, Brendan Rodgers, has discussed the impact that Sir Alex Ferguson has had on his career. Rodgers, who now manages Celtic, nearly won the title with Liverpool in 2014. Their fans turned up at Anfield with flares and flags, chanting “we’re going to win the league”. It wasn’t to be. Having left Liverpool empty-handed, Rodgers has finally won some silverware in the Scottish league.

Both Ferguson and Rodgers attended a charity do this week to support a Scottish football charity for its work on mental and physical health.

Rodgers has reflected on when he first met Ferguson as a teenager. Rodgers came to United as a 14-year-old but didn’t make the grade.

Even back then what was apparent to me was that every time I went there I saw Alex Ferguson every single day. I was 14 and I was seeing him every day – but that was the work he put into everything, including the youths. He knew all the young coaches and was absolutely brilliant.

Rodgers was again left with nothing but admiration for Ferguson after our former manager wrote to Rodgers after he was sacked by Reading, following his six month appointment.

That meant a lot to me. It’s incredible what he has achieved. He’s up there as a beacon for every manager. He is the big boss of everyone. He was incredible with what he formed, developed and cultivated all the way through and he also stayed modern. He is a very inspiring man and has obviously got a real brain full of wisdom and knowledge of top-level management.