Veron - Manchester UnitedNew Manchester City boss, Roberto Mancini, has made several odd claims since joining our noisy neighbours. Firstly, he claimed that City would win an incredible five titles in the next ten years! Given that the only experience he’s had of winning titles was when other teams were docked points, it is a fairly brave statement. Secondly, he claimed that after City’s visit to Old Trafford in the second leg of the League Cup semi-final, he will tear down our banner mocking how many years it’s been since they’ve won a trophy. Whilst most City fans treat any meeting with United as their cup final, somebody probably should let Mancini know that even if you do manage to beat United, you don’t actually win a trophy for it. Our banner will stay where it is, thanks. Thirdly, he claimed that everybody wants to sign for City. Is that so…?

Juan Sebastian Veron will probably be remembered as the biggest flop ever at Manchester United. He wasn’t dreadful but for the massive transfer fee a lot more was expected of him. How was he supposed to break in to a midfield that contained the likes of Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, David Beckham and Nicky Butt (the year that Pele named him England’s best player at the World Cup)? I’ve always felt rather sorry for him.

After two years with us, Chelsea took him off our hands, but they loaned him out after just one season. First he went to Inter Milan, then back to boyhood club Estudiantes, where he has been since 2007.

Now, with the midfielder just about to turn 35-years-old, Mancini has made him an offer to join The Richest Club In The World (TM), a club everyone wants to play for… apart from Mikael Silvestre, Messi, Berbatov, Huntelaar (who said he would be interested in United), John Terry, Yaya Toure, Kaka, Samuel Eto’o, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maicon (who said he would be interested in United but wondered if City link was a joke) etc. Veron can now join that very long list.

“It’s not a fact of money,” said Veron. “First of all is the family, and second, I have made a decision and I want to respect it, that is what I feel and Estudiantes is the place where I feel comfortable. If I would have accepted this offer I wouldn’t have been true with my convictions, with myself and with the people.”

Veron’s agent Miguel Pires went into detail about City’s offer.

“Veron said to me that he received a phone call from Mancini and that he had offered him £7million and the same to Estudiantes for a one-year contract,” he revealed. “In addition, that amount would have been duplicated if he would have continued at Manchester City during 2011.”

Whilst a past it former red has snubbed them, a past it Gooner is ready to bite their hand off! Considering Patrick Vieira can’t get in to the Inter Milan team, he is more than willing to join City, with Mourinho revealing yesterday that Inter have chosen not to renew his contract.

But well played, Veron!