Giuseppe Rossi is a player United fans still talk about, usually with regret, after he left the club for £6.7 million in 2007. It made sense, we couldn’t guarantee him first team football and he had the ability to play regularly for a top team in Europe, but that doesn’t stop our disappointment.

Rossi has gone on to score 23 goals in 50 games for Villarreal and will line up against Arsenal this week in hope of booking a place in the semi-finals.

“I know all about playing Arsenal from my time at United and I’m sure their fans will be booing me because of that,” said Rossi. “But that’s no problem to me because when I get stick, I go even harder to get a goal. In any case the atmosphere won’t be a major influence. Fans in London are nothing like those in Athens and I’m looking forward to celebrating a goal there.”