Ben Foster, who hasn’t won too many fans after criticising our support for protesting against the Glazers, has reiterated his opinion that he doesn’t have the mentality to cut it as a Manchester United player.

“It gets out of hand, ridiculously so,” said Foster. “You have to perform amazingly well in every single game. You could win and people would still say Manchester United should be doing better than that, should be winning by four or five goals. I just thought it was too much. I see myself as a winner, I am competitive even if I am only playing a video game, but United is another step up the ladder of mental toughness and strength. There is not as much pressure even with England, where every little thing gets scrutinised. United have their own ethos that comes from within. Winning is all. Even practice matches were very intense, win at all costs. You’d see tackles flying in and little scuffles all the time, but that is what United are. That is what they carry on to the pitch on a Saturday and you’ve got to admire them for that. When they were 2-0 down at Blackpool, for instance, I knew they would come back and win. They have that toughness. It’s expected.”

Foster has previously called life at United “cut throat” and not for him, an opinion he stands by today.

“I don’t want to be accused of lacking ambition, I think every professional cares, but I can move on from a defeat pretty much as soon as I step off the pitch,” he added. “I want to enjoy my football, then get home to my family, that’s what matters to me.”