Ahead of Birmingham’s League Cup final against Arsenal, Ben Foster has stoked the fires by claiming Arsenal don’t have the same winning mentality as Manchester United.

“The manager doesn’t tend to sign players if he doesn’t see it in them,” said Foster. “You don’t get that anywhere else, not even at Chelsea. You wouldn’t see United throwing away a four-goal lead like Arsenal did at Newcastle. It just wouldn’t happen. United would have won by six or seven goals, but with Arsenal a few cracks appeared when Newcastle scored. Then it was all panic, whereas United have old boys who can steady the ship. It’s no accident that United always seem to come back, just as it’s no accident that Gary Neville won so much in his career. Winning is everything to him, and that’s why he’s been so successful.”

Foster helped United beat Spurs to win the League Cup final in 2009 after the game went to a penalty shoot out. He will be hoping to deny Arsenal, who haven’t won anything since beating United on penalties in the FA Cup final in 2005, in the same way.