Manchester United goalkeeping coach, Eric Steele, has claimed that Ben Foster was disappointed with the goal Arsenal scored. Arshavin’s shot had plenty of power behind it but Foster really should have been able to push it away.

Steele reckons that you can judge keepers on how they respond to conceding goals and he believes Foster reacts well.

“He was disappointed with the Arsenal goal, we all were, but then he makes a terrific save from Robin Van Persie just after half time,” said Steele. “His concentration levels had to be really spot on at that point. A lot of international managers look for how goalkeepers recover from a mistake. Is he affected, does his game crumble? Ben proved against Arsenal that he won’t crumble. He did the same at Wembley against Chelsea. People forget despite him not being happy with his display we would never have got to penalties but for his save from Didier Drogba just after their second goal.”

Steele reckons that Foster’s concentration makes him a real contender for the England number one shirt.

“Concentration and mistake management is key,” he continued. “The way Ben has gone about that has been a big plus for me. That is what you would be looking for at international level. You cannot let your head drop because you cannot afford it.”