When Ben Foster told news reporters that he had been helped to win the League Cup for Manchester United by the technology Eric Steele had an offer, there is no way he could have anticipated the reaction it would create. The press unintentionally revealed themselves as technophones, considering iPods have been knocking about for some time now, with the average teenager knowing the ins and outs of them. Was it really a big deal that Steele showed Foster footage of Spurs’ penalty takers in the past?

Russell Brand successfully mocked the reports at the time, whilst our new goalkeeping coach has today confessed he’s rather embarrassed by the whole thing.

“I am finding all the fuss a little embarrassing,” said Steele. “I even had calls from Italy this week asking if we would be using the iPod against Inter Milan in the Champions League if the game goes to a penalty shoot-out. But it is just part of the research you would expect from a club of Manchester United’s stature.”