After a period of brilliant form, Manchester United have dropped off recently both in terms of performances and results. Having climbed to the top of the table at the start of the year, we’re miles behind Manchester City now, albeit still second in the table.

Speaking with ESPN Brazil, Fred has spoken about how the recent form may cause people to distrust Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s methods or tactics, but the midfielder he insists that the players are all still on side.

With each passing day, you see his evolution. I really like to see him here. I think there will always be distrust. You being in a big club like this one, a lot of people want to see you badly, there’s no way. But you have to stay strong and I think he has a good head.

He was a player, he’s been on this side. So he knows how to deal with us. He talks a lot with the players. I think this is what sets him apart. He’s always playing with us, supporting us, helping us in positioning, on a daily basis. He’s a guy who’s always close and this is very important for the player.