So the Manchester United players jet off to the Middle East whilst Manchester is frozen over, with snow storm after snow storm, and we’re expected to believe that it’s not just a holiday?

The lads returned from Qatar today after spending a few days at the ASPIRE academy and the manager has been full of praise about the trip.

“It’s been a memorable experience and ASPIRE’s complex is without question the best I have ever seen,” said Ferguson. “Not only that, the operation is so well managed that it has made our stay very easy and relaxed. We hope that this journey is not our last here and that it will initiate a true bond between Manchester United and our friends at ASPIRE and in Qatar.”

It’s good to know that whilst the fans are left reading about our massive debt day after the day, the club are putting what money we do have to good use. Hmmm.

However, I’m sure this trip was good for a few things. ASPIRE claim they are “a leading elite sports institute in the world” and are “recognised for state-of-the-art sport science”. So it’s got to be good for something, right? Plus a bit of team bonding amongst the squad could be handy. It doesn’t hurt for them to escape all the slatings the club is currently receiving in the press and a bit of sun at this time of year could certainly lift their spirits.

Still not entirely convinced.