MUST have tonight claimed that the green and gold protests will continue this season and will start with tomorrow’s game against Fulham, with the away supposedly joining in.

“At the match tomorrow – assuming the Glazers’ security don’t try to suppress free speech – a significant number of Fulham fans will be taking Green & Gold scarves into the away section,” said Duncan Drasdo, chief executive of MUST. “Due to increased ticket pricing Fulham are only expecting to bring about 500 supporters but we expect one fifth of them will be attempting to bring in a Green & Gold scarf. That is an incredible gesture for away fans who naturally, first and foremost, want to support their own team. We didn’t ask them to do this. They approached us with the idea. It is is a tremendous show of solidarity. If a group of away fans can do this United fans should use it as a spur to up our own game and rebuild the powerful Green & Gold campaign over the coming season.”

Communications and Media Director of Fulham Supporters Trust, Dan Crawford, echoed this sentiment.

“Fulham fans are grateful for MUST’s support during our campaign to return Fulham FC to Craven Cottage,” he said. “Our own campaign has reached a successful conclusion, with the club being granted planning permission, expanding the stadium to 30,000. Like fans at many clubs I’ve become increasingly concerned by the activities of owners like the Glazers – abusing our clubs and the loyalty of the fans for their own ends. The fans are the lifeblood of any club and parasitic owners like the Glazers are draining that lifeblood away. Supporter participation in ownership is the way forward to protect our clubs and fans from exploitative owners. MUST has run a fantastic campaign so far drawing admiration from likeminded fans of rival clubs all over the world. The Green & Gold colours are such a powerful symbol – with their historical link going back to the roots of the club and showing fans’ desire to defend their club and its history. While we remain rivals on the pitch we wanted to show our solidarity with this campaign and encourage United fans and indeed all fans at all clubs to support each other in the fight for fans to reclaim their clubs.”