Gabriel Obertan has made a bright start to his Manchester United career, putting in a good performance against Barnsley in the week and impressing during his half hour run against Blackburn yesterday.

With ten minutes left to play and the game still at 1-0, Obertan had the opportunity to make it a dream start when Valencia presented him with a chance to score from five yards out. Somehow, he managed to miss though, something he is frustrated about.

“I was disappointed to miss my chance, but I was very fit and it all went well because we won in the end,” said Obertan. “It’s been four months now that I have been injured, so it was a good début. I ran hard and tried to do my best. I think I need a bit of rhythm; a few games to be fully fit. It’s going better and better and there’s no reason to end it. I think I’ll be better after a few games.”

Obertan reckons fellow countryman, Patrice Evra, has made his life easier since joining the club and he hopes to get in the first team squad more often.

“I was a bit nervous, but after a few minutes it was gone,” he added. “I really enjoyed the game and Pat Evra was just behind me encouraging me, so it was very good. With Pat it has been easier. I feel like I’m here for many years now so it is good to be here and I’m just enjoying it. I’ll just keep working hard to be in the squad and we’ll see what the manager will do.”

Sir Alex Ferguson has defended Obertan’s miss and reckons the Frenchman settled well in to the team.

“Gabriel was a bit nervous when he came on,” said Ferguson. “It was only his second game in seven months, so you have to put it in perspective. But then he settled down and did well. He is not happy with himself and that is a good thing.”