“I’m very comfortable in Manchester,” Gabriel Heinze said at the end of the 2006-2007 season. “I’ve been a champion, captain and the fans love me. Everything is perfect.”

Two days later, Sir Alex Ferguson confirmed the player told him he wanted to leave.

When Liverpool came in the frame, the manager repeatedly reassured the fans that there was no way our former favourite was going to be playing at Anfield next season. Still, that was where Heinze wanted to go.

“My idea has not changed and my objective is to go to Liverpool,” Heinze said. “I will always be grateful to United, but now I hope they allow me to get my wish.”

United ended up doing fairly well from. We made a profit on the injury-prone full back, who was close to being 30, and whose future at United was unattainable. We shipped him off to Real Madrid and with a far more able player in Patrice Evra, never had to look back.

Heinze on the other hand struggled at Real Madrid, with the injuries getting the better of him and him finding it hard to get a starting role. He kept trying to lure Ronaldo to Spain and badmouthing the club.

“I still do not understand the real motives of United and think the whole thing set a bad example for football. I really wanted to play for Liverpool but it is forgotten,” Heinze said in December 2007. “During the summer I dreamed of playing in Anfield but the reality was different.”

After two years at Real Madrid, he is now on his way out, ironically, during the same summer that Ronaldo has finally made the move. He had no issue in betraying the club by seeking a move to join our hated rivals Liverpool, but if you still had any doubts over his lack of loyalty, he has confirmed this all the more with his most recent choice of destination.

Heinze spent three years with Paris St Germain before signing for United, where, like at Old Trafford, he was a favourite with the fans. Their fiercest rivals are Olympique Marseille and together, they make up the biggest rivalry in French football. Their match is known as Le Classique and the animosity is formed on North vs South frustrations. In 1995, 146 fans and 9 police officers were hospitalised during a Coupe de France match and in 1989 the clubs were tied on 70 points on the final day of the season when they played against each other – Marseille scored a last minute winner to pip PSG to the title.

Still, Heinze has just signed a three-year-deal with Marseille regardless.

”I couldn’t have imagined this back in February, especially considering the years I spent at PSG, but football is what it is,” said Heinze. ”That’s not a problem. I’m convinced the PSG supporters are going to understand especially because they all know what I did for their club. From now on, I must make myself accepted by the OM supporters.”

What a complete cunt. You can trust these Argies as far as you can throw em!