Noel Gallagher, who has come out with gems like: “I’m just gonna take me voting card and I’m gonna put in massive letters, ‘Tevez is God.'” and “The new baby, if it’s a boy, it’s definitely going to be called Carlos. Or just Tevez. Tevez Gallagher. Carlito Gallagher.” has come crashing back down to earth after learning that Carlos Tevez wanted to leave Manchester City just 12 months after signing for them. You’ve got to love these giddy City fans, for comedy value if nothing else, who even when support The Richest Club In The World (TM) manage to end up looking the fool.

I imagine Gallagher is regretting those remarks above about as much as the club are for putting that poster up in town.

“My own opinion is that he would be the first person to leave a football club because he didn’t like someone in the office,” Gallagher said. ”For a guy who can’t even speak English, how are we supposed to believe he has got a relationship with the executives in the first place? Unless he’s been trying to get himself a new deal, I don’t buy it. It is disappointing because of the timing of it. Why not wait until the end of the season? The one thing that goes against Carlos is that he already plays for Man City so nobody can link him to us. He’s fucked there! He can’t say ‘oh I want to go Man City because they are offering me £200,000 pounds a week when he’s already getting about £280,000 pounds a week out of us.”