When Manchester City fans were getting giddy over the prospect of signing then England captain, John Terry, Noel Gallagher claimed he wanted his club to have nothing to do with the cockney cry baby.

When Manchester United won the European Cup, Terry obviously wasn’t high up on Gallagher’s favourite person list for missing a decisive penalty, and the uncontrollable crying session which followed obviously didn’t help.

Following the affair Terry had with the mother of his best mate’s child, the former England captain has finally become the widely recognised hate figure he has long time deserved. That hatred is felt all the more strongly at City who have the best mate, Wayne Bridge, on their books.

Gallagher has today ripped in to the current Chelsea captain, who is disgracefully widely supported by the fans, and can’t wait to see the abuse he gets in their remaining league game as well as the FA Cup.

At Wolves yesterday, fans were heard chanting “Is he shagging you as well?” every time the referee awarded a decision in Chelsea’s favour, as well as “you should have shagged Cheryl Cole” whenever Terry touched the ball.

“John Terry is a cunt,” said Gallagher. “I’ve never liked the bloke but doing that to Bridgey shows what he’s like. What an arsehole. If I ever see him I’m not sure what would happen. Everyone has got behind Wayne, which is great to see. When Chelsea come to play us Terry is going to get so much shit and he’ll deserve all of it. I hope our boys give him as much abuse as they can and here’s a message to the fans – “Give it all you’ve got”. He’s got funny eyes and he’s a cry-baby. He’s also a Cockney. The best thing City ever did was not sign John Terry. It would have been a huge mistake. Now I can’t wait to see the shit he gets and I’ll laugh my head off.”